Prima Nocte

Our epic journey began with Incendio, Severn and Lipitaur as they escaped from the Red Dragon Ashardalon’s lair. After vanquishing this formidable foe, the adventurers decided to head back to their hometown of Hammerfast. Within minutes of exiting the crumbling dungeon the group was assailed by a pack of kobolds, formerly Ashardalon’s followers. The kobolds fought with a vicious fury only to fall to the adventurers, still ecstatic from their victory over Ashardalon.

After dispatching this most minor of threats the party completed their journey back to Hammerfast. Upon arriving in town the adventurers decided to head for the inn for some refreshment and to catch up on the latest news. Once the party’s thirst had been quenched they came across a Tiefling name Arcadi. Arcadi informed the group that there had been several disappearances around the city and suspected that an evil cult was behind them. Most troubling to Arcadia was the fact that several members of his family had gone missing and he petitioned the adventures for assistance with the matter. After careful deliberation the group decided to help young Arcadi and ventured off to meet his with “contact”.

A short distance from the tavern the party encountered Arcadi’s contact, which happened to be a Dwarven ghost.


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